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At Hairy Moose we're here to help grow your business. It's simple. We've spent many years sitting on Acquisition Committees at games publishing companies, and brought many games to market, so we know what they're looking for, the process they go through and what makes them tick. If you have a really special original game or if you're looking for conversion work or commissioned projects, or even want help self-publishing, then contact Jeff Tawney at

Here are some of the areas where we have good experience :

Game Funding
Prototype funding, investment funding and full project licensing deals.
Determining the best strategy for releasing your game if you want to go it alone.
Publisher / Distributor Selection
Getting the best partner and the best deal in each territory.
Market Positioning and Game Enhancement
Refining the big idea and putting on the polish to get instant attention - and for those extra points in magazine reviews.
Hardware Support Strategy
What platforms to lead on; what specs to aim for; what conversions to do.
Pitch Management
Professional, effective sales pitches - who to hit, how to prepare, how to win.
Product and Corporate Marketing
Presenting your games and your company in the best light in the run-up to launch - and making sure your publisher does, too.
Publishing Contracts
Ensuring your contracts give you maximum benefit and maximum protection.
Team Building
Ensuring the right people are in the right jobs, whether it is starting from scratch, finding talented freelancers or working with good outsourcing companies.
Licensing Activities. In and Out.
Acquiring the right properties to work with your game and establishing full licensing programmes to exploit your own property in other sectors.